Best Brest Milk Storage Bags

Best Breast Milk Storage Bags | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2022


You got to see your newborn baby this week; would you like to go to work now? Of course not! No one likes to go to work when they have babies. Moreover feeding baby is an important thing where store-brought milk is not healthy at all.

To breastfeed your baby, you need to stay by his side always! But is that possible? You have to go out and you have to work too! In this situation, the only thing that can save you is breast milk storage bag.

And so, we have come with the 5 best breast milk storage bags for you. Have a look!


Our Top 5 Breast Milk Storage Bags

1. Lansinoh Breast milk Storage Bags

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

You can store or freeze breast milk with the help of this back in the easiest way. If you want to protect your breast milk then go for these bags as they can protect it perfectly. The bags are built with high-quality material so that you get the milk safe when you open it once again.

The super-strong building method along with a zipper makes the bag perfect for you. The double zipper deal makes sure that there are no leakages. The sides are also double sealed. These bags are designed in a way that it can freeze the milk is a faster method. It can protect the milk nutrients along with the vitamins.

These are easy to store and easy to use. It includes a write-on label. Moreover, you get pour spout with this for your convenience.


  • Constructed with high-quality material
  • Double zipper sealed
  • Double sealed sides
  • Freezes milk faster
  • Includes write-on label
  • Pour spout added


Ounce markings are not right

2. Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags

Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags

If you want something hygienic and protective, get this one. This breast milk storage bag is amazing when it comes to hygiene. It is pre-sealed to afford you the ultimate protection. The material that is used in this storage is very much sturdy and keeps the liquid safe. Moreover, double-zipper protection can avoid any sort of leakage that you fear.

With these, you can save the breast milk in the freezer and fridge. If you are traveling, you can rely on these bags too. The zippers are made of high-grade material. It has a large write-on area and so, if write-on area is what you need, you must try this out. Here, you can easily document the dates along with the necessary details.

The bags can basically hold about 6-ounce of liquid. These can lay flat on wherever you put them. It can save your storage taking small space. Also, you can get faster-frozen milk with these bags. The material that is used for constructing the bag is BPA-free.


  • Re-sealable bags
  • Hygienic and protective
  • Double zipper for protection
  • Protective sides
  • BPA-free material
  • Can hold 6-ounce of liquid
  • Faster frozen method
  • Lay flat feature added


  • Tough to seal
  • Removing air is tough

3. Mommy’s Precious 110 Count Breast milk Storage Bags

110 Count Breast milk Storage Bags

This is a leak-proof breast milk storage bag where you can store the milk and can stay worry-free! Yes, this breast milk storage bag is self-standing. They will never leak and so, the liquid will stay safe there! The material that is used in the construction of this storage bag is hard and sturdy. The gusseted bottoms of the bags help you to hold the bag easily with one hand only! If you are in search of the safest breast milk storage bags, you must pick this up!

This amazing bag is made of safety guaranteed BPA free material. To take care of your baby, it has Latex-free Pre-sterilized material included. The measurement lines are very much accurate to measure the liquid perfectly.

There are tabs where you will be able to write down whatever you need. You can write the dates along with every detail you need. It has a tear opening and so it is easy to open.


  • Self-standing bags
  • Never leaks
  • Sturdy material for construction
  • BPA free material
  • Pre-sterilized material included
  • Accurate measurement lines
  • Tear opening


  • Requires scissor
  • Not so convenient

4. Unimom 100 Breast milk Storage Bags

Unimom 100 Breastmilk Storage Bags

If you have heard stuff about breast milk storage bags, you surely have heard a lot about Unimom breast milk storage bags. Yes, this is one of the products that the users rave about. This is a leak-proof formula. If you use these bags for keeping them in the fridge, the liquid will stay safe for so long.

The materials that are used in this product are BPA-free and LEAD-free. So, you do not need to think about the health of your baby. On the other hand, you can keep the bags both vertically and horizontally inside the fridge. This will save a lot of space!

If you find it tough to rip the bags, this is the right bag for you. It is very easy to rip and pour. The double-zip locking ensures that your bag is perfectly secure for the liquid. These bags are microwave-safe!


  • Leak-proof formula
  • Can be used in fridge
  • Liquid stays safe for long
  • Can e kept horizontally or vertically
  • Easy to rip and pour
  • Microwave-safe bags


  • The sealing method is tough

5. Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch

Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Bags

Are you tired of the disposal-milk storage bags? Are you not in a mood to see the bags leaks and waste the liquid? There are people who want a tough material that can be just like the plastic bottle. But the disposal bags are very lightweight. If you want the combination of bottle and disposal bags where the bags look like disposal bags but are as tough bottles, you should try this storage bag! If you love to have reusable breast milk storage bags, get this one.


You can store breast milk here with the ultimate protection. This is in a pouch form and it has a twist-like design in the opening. So, you do not need to care about the sealing process as the twisted opening makes the liquid secure.


  • Combination of bottle and disposal bags
  • Looks like pouch
  • Includes twist-like opening
  • Includes threaded cap
  • Recyclable caps
  • Eliminates dirty dishes
  • Pouring is easy


  • Expensive

Takes space while storing

Buyer’s Guide For Breast Milk Storage Bags

Brest Milk Storage Bags reviews

We understand that breast milk storages are less expensive and you can buy so many in a very little amount. But if you end up investing in the wrong product, you will end up wasting all the liquid. You surely do not want this to happen.

And so, before buying a breast milk storage bag, know about the facts and details of the products to choose the right one for you.

Locking Method

When you are selecting breast milk in any breast milk storage bag, you have to look for the locking method. Is the locking method of the bag is not perfect, the liquid will leak. You should go for the double-zipper bags that can ensure that your liquid is safe and will not leak. You can also go for the bottle-type bags that have cap for opening.

Sides of Bags

The bag you are going to select should be leakage-proof. The sides of the bag should be sealed properly. Before you use any bag for this purpose, you can keep liquid for some time to see if it works in the right way or not.


Make sure that the bags have flat laying options for storing. You will store the bag anywhere and in this case, the bag takes a lot of space then you should not select it. There are bags that can be stored vertically or horizontally. Go for anyone.


If you are selecting a bag, ensure that the bag is freezer-friendly. It the bag leaks in the excessive cold then there is no use of using these bags. On the other hand, you might take the bag for traveling. If the bag leaks in the bumps of the road, avoid that bag!

Benefits of Using Storage Bags

We will never disagree that breastfeeding is the best way to feed your newborn child. According to doctors, breast milk can make the baby healthy more than any other milk. But what if you are not with your baby always? If your baby is hungry and he is not getting breast milk whenever he needs, what’s the use of feeding him milk?

Babies can never say when they are hungry. They only cry and you never want your baby to cry, we know that. If you need to start working before your baby stops drinking breast milk, you should find another way to feed him properly.

This is where the milk storages come in. Yes, we are talking about pumping breast milk and keeping them for your baby so that whenever he needs it, he gets it.

If you start storing breast milk, you will be able to stay away from home and you will never need to think if your baby is hungry or not! It is because you have kept something at home to feed him!

On the other hand, when you store breast milk in the storage bags, you can get back to your work in the belief that your baby is drinking breast milk. You do not need to rely on the store-bought milk anymore even if you are working again.

On the other hand, if you keep breast milk in the storage bags, even if you are at home, you will not need to feed your baby by yourself. You can let others feed your baby with the liquid you have stored and you can be busy with other works you have. It saves you time and reduces workload.

FAQs on Brest Milk Storage Bags

Are breast milk storage bags accurate?

Breast milk storage bags are very much cheap but the worst part is they are not reusable. If you are talking about the accuracy in the measurement, then we will say that all the breast milk storage bags are not accurate in terms of measurement.

Before you pour milk, measure it by yourself. After buying bags, measure the accuracy perfectly and then pour milk there.

Can I pour breast milk in a zip-lock bag?

If you want to use zip-lock bags for pouring and storing breast milk, try to use the special freezer bags made for breast milk.

In this case, ensure that the bags have a double zipper lock system to secure the liquid. The seals of the sides of the bag should be trustworthy too.

How much breast milk should I put in a storage bag?

In most cases, break milk storage bags can hold more or less 6 ounces of liquid. In this situation, the bags must be secure. There must be zipper-lock system and the sides should be carefully sealed. Some of the bags can hold more liquid than this and some of them can hold less than this. Look at the label to know the amount.

When should I start storing breast milk?

After 3 to 4 weeks, you can start pumping. In the early weeks, you will get so much break milk. Try to avoid pumping in this period and wait for the 3rd or 4th week.

Wrap Up

No matter how you try, you can never be with your baby always. But that doesn’t mean you will feed the store-bought baby milk for him! If you want to see him safe and still do your work, go for the best breast milk storage bags.

These bags will save you time and will let you work outside and inside home. This makes your baby feel that you are still with him! So, get any of the above-mentioned bags and have fun!

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