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Best Changing Pads Of 2022 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


Changing Pads have been the basic needs in the houses where there is an infant or a toddler. But what is it? How does it work? Let us tell you, pads are the equipment that can help you while changing the diapers of your baby.

Usually, these pads hold your baby so that you can easily change the diaper without any hassle. Also, this makes your baby feel like you are holding him and so, he doesn’t get annoyed while you change his diapers.

Here, we will be talking about the best changing pads of the market that are really loved by the users. All the products on this list have gone through field tests and so, you can rely on this easily!


Our 10 Best Changing Pads: Analyzed and Reviewed

Is Changing Pad Necessary?

If your baby is a little fussy and you want to keep him clean always, the best way to go for is changing pad. If you don’t use changing pad then during changing your baby’s diaper, any unwanted situations can happen. To keep the house, your cloth and your baby clean, changing pad is very essential!

Complete Buying Guide For Changing Pads!

Before you go and purchase the wrong pad for your baby, you have to go through the complete buying guide. This guide will help you choose which changing pad will be the best for you and why. So, go through this and set your priority if you want the best pad for your convenience!

Design and Shape

The design of the changing pad is very important. The shape might make your baby feel comfortable or uncomfortable. While choosing a pad, you have to settle for the contoured changing pad. The cushioning makes your baby secure while you are changing his diapers.

Straps For Protection

When it comes to your infant, safety should always be the foremost concern. Go for the pads that have high-quality straps. The adjustable restraint belt that includes buckle is great for keeping your baby protected.

On the other hand, the anchoring straps must be of high-quality for adding it to the table or dresser to keep your baby away from falling down.


The comfort of your baby is very much important when you are changing his diapers. Your baby will surely get annoyed when you will try to change his diapers. When you pad, if you keep him in a cushioned surface, he will feel better.

And if you make him feel like you are holding him, he will not cry or will not get annoyed. Go for materials like cotton or vinyl. Any firm yet soft and durable yet comfortable material is preferable for pads.

Water Resistance

You already know that you are using a pad for making your work easy. If your pad is not waterproof, how can it make your work easy? If it’s not waterproof, it will soak the water and the dirt of your baby. As a result, you will need to put twice the effort you put for cleaning and changing the baby’s diaper.

Go for the water-resistant pads that keep away the water and keep it clean. Also, you can go for the diapers that don’t require any cover.

1. Summer Infant 4-Sided Changing Pad

This 4-sided changing pad is completely contoured for better understanding. This is basically constructed with PEVA vinyl so that you get the ultimate comfort and flexibility. If you are in search of something really comfortable and easy to carry, this one will surely be your best friend.

As it has contoured walls, it will be better for keeping your baby safe throughout the whole day. There is also safety straps added. These ensure that your baby is secured and protected completely!

The best part is, people always love durable pads and this one is one of the most durable pads in the market. To avoid the difficulties in cleaning the pad, this brand offers you easy-to-clean pads. The measurement of this pad is 32 inches x 16 inches x 4 inches.

As we have already said this is durable, you must also know that this has double layers. The double-layer ensured double protection. And so, your baby is safe if you are dealing with this incredibly amazing pad!

The construction material is completely phthalate and PVC free. So, you are never worried about the safety of your baby anymore. This is amazing because it can easily fit any sort of dresser easily. If you want then you can add this to the tables too as it can easily fit!

The foam core is highly durable. On the other hand, it comforts the back of your baby. And so, your baby will never be annoyed while changing dresses!

• Ultimate comfort
• Contoured walls
• Protects baby with straps
• Durable with double layers
• Fits almost all the standard dressers
• Easy to clean
• Foam core

• Does not stretch
• A little scratchy

2. Keekaroo Peanut Changer

This changer by the brand Keekaroo is a standard pad in grey color. The grey color suits with everything and also gives peace to your eyes. The design will surely make you feel better. But the only good thing about this changer is not the design but the quality too!

If you are in search of something that protects your baby from everything and also keeps him comfortable, you can find nothing better than this.

The state-of-art design of this pad makes your baby feel that he is on your lap. Also, the way you protects you baby, this pad can do the same! If you are tired of adding covers with the pad, you can now relax. It is because you do not need covers anymore!

With this pad, there are no covers required. Also, you will not need pads and it can ensure that there will be no slipping at all!

The other interesting fact about this pad is it is completely easy to clean. No matter you are changing the regular dress of your baby or you are changing the diaper, you will no need to take the hassles of cleaning the covers. All you need to do is clean this changer which is easy as pie!

The outer part of the pad is constructed with materials that ensure that it is impermeable to the fluid. And so, you can easily clean it whenever you want! This award-winning pad is water-resistant. So, no matter what your baby throws, it will stay durable for years.

On the other hand, this has a protective layer yet this gives your baby a soft touch. Your baby is never irritated when he is on it. It is crack-resistant and completely phthalate-free! There is no bacterial-growth possible as this has a solid surface!

• Solid surface
• Soft-touch for comfort
• No covers required
• Easy to clean
• State-of-art design
• Includes strap
• Durable and phthalate-free
• Water and crack resistant

• Expensive
• Can go through little discoloration

3. Skip Hop Pronto Signature Portable Changing Mat

People that are searching for an incredible portable diapering kit must get their hands on this interesting changing mat. The best part is this includes the front zipper pockets. This is incredibly portable for you. And no matter you are going out or you are going on a voyage; you are always free to take this.

It can reduce the hassle you go through when you change the dresses or diaper of your baby in your home or on the road.

The zipper pockets are great for keeping the necessary tools and equipment you need while changing the diaper of your baby. Also, there is space for keeping your phone and wallet. So, if you plan to only take this bag, you can do it!

There are straps for your convenience. These can be attached to your wrist. On the other hand, if you are using a stroller, you are free to use the straps and attach it to your stroller while traveling.

There are mesh pockets if you are here to carry the large-sized diapers. Also, creams and other larger elements can be taken in this portable changer too. If you are up for the best travel pad, go for this one! If you are worried about the head and body of your baby then don’t get worried at all.

This changing mat has a Pronto pillow so that it can easily comfort the head of your baby and your baby stays safe always!

This convenient travel pad includes translucent wipes and wipe-clean too. Also, it contains a zip-off pad along with a built-in pillow for the ease of your little baby. The mesh pocket is capable of holding four diapers together!

• Great for travelling
• Mesh pocket include
• Front zipper pocket
• Can hold four diapers
• Translucent wipe case added
• Easy to carry and portable
• Can be added with a stroller
• Built-in pillow for comfort

• Tough to clean
• A little bulky

4. Castle Kids Co Diaper Pad

If you want a clean changing session, you must have your hands on this Castle Kids pad. Diaper or dresses, no matter what you are changing, you always will feel comfortable using this. And not only you but also your baby will feel comfortable in changing on this pad. You might have a newborn baby or you might are dealing with your toddler. No matter what you are dealing with, you can go on perfectly with this pad.

The best part is this pad has a waterproof fabric. So, from now on, it is easier for you to clean the dirt after changing. You might worry about cleaning the fabric of cleaning the pad. However, it gets easier if the fabric is water-resistant. No product is soaked by the fabric which makes you work easier.

There are cushioned pads so that your baby never feels annoyed. Usually, if the fabric is resistant to water, babies feel uncomfortable. But this is not the case with this pad. It is comfortable but at the same time waterproof. There is also a zipper pocket on the front of the pad. This pocket usually helps you to store cloth.

If you think that your baby required extra cushion, you can do it with the help of this pocket too! There are zipper pockets for holding creams and other equipment. Pockets for diaper wipes are also added here. The two buckle straps can amazingly hold your baby.

On the other hand, if you have a stroller, you can add this pad with this stroller. As this is portable, traveling with this pad is easier.

• Great for travelling
• Includes two buckle straps
• Can be added with strollers
• Added zipper pockets
• Water-resistant
• Extra cushion adding facility
• Large mesh pockets
• Easy to clean

• Not a great fit for all diapers
• Requires thinner wipes

5. LA Baby 4-Sided Changing Pad

People that have used the pads of this brand already know who incredible they are! The best part is the construction material of this pad is vinyl. Also, the cover is made of quilted vinyl. We always love the waterproof materials for the pads and the material that is used in this pad is also water-resistant.

So, it usually doesn’t soak any products and your pad stays clean. On the other hand, this pad always provides you long-term service as it is waterproof.

The overall size of this pad is 30 inches x 16 inches x 4 inches. So, you already know that this pad is capable of getting attached to any standard sized table or dresser. This is made in the USA and this is available in 30 inches. You can also get this pad in both 32 inches and 34 inches sizes. The interesting fact that makes it great is the design of this pad.

The bottom part of this pad is basically non-skid bottom. It stops the pad from any sort of sliding when you are changing the diaper of your baby. The security strap that is added with this pad is of high quality. This can easily hold the pad to the table or dresser top of your house.

The construction material that is used here is basically safe for your baby. This is non-toxic and also non-allergic. On the other hand, this is stain resistant too. No matter what you make this pad goes through, this will stay out of any stain and completely like the new. Also, you can clean this pad only with mild soapy water!

This includes a safety harness for your kid. This can quickly release buckle and keep your kid protected always. You also get a warranty of 1 year and so, you already know this is durable and gives you long-lasting service.

• Available in different sizes
• Goes with all standard dresser
• Includes harness for safety
• Added straps for protection
• Easy to clean
• Stain-resistant
• 4 inches high sides
• Non-skid bottom

• Straps are not removable
• Wood surface cannot hold this

6. Summer Infant Contoured Pad

When it comes to the pads, the first name that hits our mind is the summer infant pad. Yes, the brand makes such amazing pads that you get into a dilemma of what to choose and what to avoid. But if you are searching for a contoured pad, try this one and you will never forget its name!

As the name says, this pad is contoured. The contoured walls are great for keeping your baby protected. On the other hand, there is a safety belt for your baby for the ultimate security. This is basically a quick release safety belt. Along with keeping your baby safe, it also keeps your baby comfortable throughout the changing session.

There is a strap that can hold the pad attached to the dresser or the table. As this is complete slip-resistant. The soft foam pad of the pad ensures that your baby never feels uncomfortable. It is so durable that you will not see any sort of flattening after so many uses! It can easily fit with the standard sized tables along with the dressers.

The sides of the pad are highly covered. And so, there is no chance of your baby falling. This is made of quilted vinyl and so, you do not need to worry about the quality of the product. For cleaning purposes, all you need is a damp cloth with a little soapy water! The size of the pad is 16 inches x 32 inches.

The bottom of the pad is non-skid and so, there is no slipping at all! Also, the double-layered PEVA vinyl ensures the longevity of this pad.

• Made of PEVA vinyl
• Non-skid bottom
• Includes quick-release safety belt
• Slip-resistant
• Contoured and covered sides
• Easy to clean
• Straps go with standard tables and dressers

• A little short
• Plastic wrapping may become brittle

7. PooPoose Wiggle Free Changing Pad

The name of the brand already tells you how much they are concerned with your baby! When it comes to the pad of this brand, the best part is this is the most secure pad you will ever see. If the security of your baby is your foremost concern, you must get this one first!

No matter your baby is fussy or not, it can hold your baby gently as if you are holding him! However, the gently holding might be a reason of your baby’s falling and hurting. But on that note, this pad doesn’t let your baby fall ever!

It holds your baby and holds the table or dresser at the same time!

The straps of this pad are swaddle-like. And so, there is no chance of slipping and you can say that these pads are slip-resistant. The contoured foam also makes your baby feel relaxed. On the other hand, the foam is very soft to make him feel home. The high-quality building material makes your baby feel like he is on your lap.

The pad is washable. Also, if you are worried about the straps and we must tell you that the straps are removable. And so, you can remove the straps and wash them whenever you want! If you are worried about the cover of the pad then you don’t need to worry because you don’t need any cover here!

The hooks and the loop straps are removable too! You can use this pad for the toddlers and also for the newborns. The construction materials are non-toxic and safe for your baby!

• Goes with newborns to toddlers
• Soft and comfortable
• Slip-resistant
• Contoured foams
• Washable pad
• Removable straps
• Swaddle-like straps
• No cover required

• Expensive
• Has sharp corners

8. Bumbo Changing Pad

People that have babies that are really very concerned about touches and very much sensitive can get this one. This has an amazing soft touch so that your baby doesn’t cry while changing. Also, your baby will feel that you are holding him softly and will stay quiet. Along with being super soft, this pad is super comfortable. Your baby will feel that he is lying on the bed!

When it comes to the cleaning job, no one likes a pad that is tough to clean. When you are traveling, you always need a pad that can be cleaned easily and in no time! And this is where the name of this pad comes in. It is very easy to clean no matter where you are taking it. All you need is a little soapy water and clean it!

The ergonomic shape makes your baby feel that you are holding him. Also, it keeps your baby attached to the bottom of the pad and reduces the chance of falling down. The pad s contoured in the right places and so, your baby is never unsafe when he is with this pad.

The contoured support and incredible materials that are used in the contouring makes the product better for you and your kid. Also, this pad has a resistant belt included for keeping your baby added with the pad. No unwanted occurrence will happen if your baby is with this pad.

This pad requires a cover and so, you must get the best changing pad cover for making the changing process easier than before.

• High-quality construction material
• Easy to clean
• Super soft and comfortable
• Added resistant belt
• Keeps baby safe
• Ergonomic design
• Perfectly contoured
• Requires a cover
• Slips a little

9. Summer Infant Quickchange Changing Pad

As we already know, how amazing this brand is for the pads for babies, this pad is specially made for quick changing. This is specially designed for compact usage. When you are traveling somewhere or you are going to vacation, you can take this pad with you as this is compact in the size and it can get folded easily.

This is entirely padded for the comfort of your baby. Also, this can afford full body protection to your baby. For security, this pad uses the Velcro tab. And so, your baby is never unsafe if he is with this Summer Infant pad.

On the other hand, for taking care of your baby, this pad is generously sized. No matter what is the size of your baby, he can easily get fit in this pad. For cleaning this changing pad, all you need is damp cloth along with wipe clean. After cleaning, all you need to do is air-dry this changing pad and you are done!

• Great for vacations
• Compact and portable
• Easy to clean
• Gives full body protection
• Has Velcro tab
• Protects the baby properly
• Generously sized for different sized babies
• Waterproof

• A little slippery
• A little narrow

10. Naturepedic Organic Cotton Changing Pad

If you are an organic-lover and you want complete hygiene for your baby, this Naturepedic organic pad is amazing for you. This is basically a 2-sided cotton pad. People often say that this is a deluxe cotton pad. As the names go, the basic element of this pad is cotton. Organic cotton filling along with cotton fabric are added for the comfort of your baby.

If you want to add this with any dresser or any table, you can do this with the help of the snap-screws. To maintain safety, screw it up and change your baby’s dress. This is waterproof and so, you do not need to worry about the water.

Also, this is non-toxic. Food-grade polyethylene is also used in the construction of this pad. For cleaning this, all you need is a damp cloth. You can clean it within five minutes!

• Completely organic
• Non-toxic
• Fabric and filling of cotton
• Food-grade polyethylene added
• Snap-screws for security
• Easy to clean with a damp cloth
• 2-sided cotton pad
• Waterproof

• Not great for larger babies

FAQs on Best Changing Pad

How many changing pads do I need?

When it comes to pads, the basic reason for using these is to change the diapers of your baby. So, for changing the diapers only, you do not need to use more than one pad. Pad requires cleaning. Most of the people prefer using only one pad. However, if you are too much concerned about hygiene or you do not have time to clean the pad then you might prefer keeping more than one pad. Keeping two pads can be on the safer side for you!

How to use a changing pad safely?

For using the pad, first of all, you have to position the changing pad on the table or dresser. Make sure that the changing pad fits on the table or dresser. Now, you have to go through the fastening straps and attach the changing pad with the dresser with the help of the screws. Take your baby and place him on his back on the changing pad. Use the safety straps and ensure security. Tighten the straps gently and change the diapers!

How to wash a changing pad?

For cleaning the changing pads, we always prefer using wipes. Dry clothes or paper towels can be a better option for cleaning the changing pads. While using the cloths or wipes, always go for the acid-free and alcohol-free products. There are also changing pads that require damp cloth or soapy water for cleaning. Go through the manufacturer guidelines for cleaning the changing pad.
Additional Information


So, now that you already know about the best changing pads of the market, you are never going to go through the wrong path. All you need to do is skim through the buying guide for the changing pads and then decide which type of changing pad your need.

And then, you can easily choose your favorite changing pad from the list we have mentioned! Use any of them and we can assure they will not disappoint you!

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