10 Best Overnight Diapers | 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide


Your baby deserves everything the best in this world. And when it comes to comfortable sleep, it is very important for your baby’s health. If your baby stays wet whole night, would you be able to sleep peacefully? If he stays wet, it will harm his health. Moreover, you will not be happy mentally!

And so, the most necessary thing for a perfect sleep is an overnight diaper. Yes, the best overnight diapers can make you and your baby feel good and keep the baby protected.

For getting the best one, you need to research. And so, we have done your work of research for your convenience. We have made a list of the best overnight diapers so that you can choose the best one. Take a look at these diapers!


Our Best Overnight Diapers

1. Seventh Generation baby Free & Clear Overnight Diapers

best overnight diapers

When it comes to overnight diapers, you should always go for a diaper that is perfect to guard your baby for the whole night. You cannot settle for a diaper that is uncomfortable with your baby. Moreover, you cannot go for a diaper that does not have the utmost protection. And so, you need to ensure that whatever you choose must be the right one for your little child.

Your baby has sensitive skin. Can you ensure that diapers are not hurting them? To keep them safe and sound, you need to think about the quality of the diaper. The material that is used in the construction of the diaper is very important. If you are going for cheap material then your baby will never be safe. To keep your baby’s skin protected, this diaper has incredible construction material. On the other hand, this diaper is known as the most absorbent diaper of all time!

It can absorb all the liquid and keep your baby dry throughout the night. If you are seeing that your baby is crying for a wet diaper, you should go for this diaper. This diaper keeps your baby and the bed dry. There are parents that are afraid of chlorine bleaching.

We want to let you know that this diaper does not include any material like that. Moreover, this brand does not include any fragrance with it. Fragrance can be harmful to the sensitive skin of your baby. Also, it does not include any sort of lotion.

The sensitive of your baby may get hurt by the lotion or any items like this. In this case, it is your responsibility to keep the baby safe from any harmful chemicals. You must try this diaper for your baby as it includes no harmful chemicals at all!

The color pattern of this diaper is rich. And so, it gets easy for you to know why this overnight diaper is better than the regular diapers. You can use these diapers for traveling purposes because it keeps your baby dry for a very long period of time!


  • Protects your baby
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Afford longer protection
  • Incredible construction material
  • Rich color pattern
  • No fragrance or lotion added
  • Includes 6 overnight diapers


  • Extra-large in size
  • Run a little small

2. The Honest Company Overnight Diapers

Honest Company Overnight Diapers

Leakage in diapers can ruin the necessity of diapers. Yes, if you are getting the best diaper from the market and the diaper leaks, what is the use of that expensive diaper? Diapers are used for the protection of your baby. Diapers are used to keep your baby dry throughout the day and night. When you select an overnight diaper, you always keep in mind that in the morning, you will see your baby completely dry and clean!

But not every diaper will afford you the ultimate quality you are searching for. Not every diaper will keep your baby protected for the whole night. The honest overnight diapers are popular for a reason! If you are seeing your baby wet every morning and you want to change this, get this Honest Company Overnight Diapers.

Yes, these diapers are as honest as their name. This diaper brand does not prefer any leakage when it is about your baby. The company wants your baby to be completely safe. And so, they offer you leakage-free diapers for your kid.

If you get the best diaper that does not leak at all then you succeed. But what if the diaper does not fit your baby then what?  Even you if you the best diaper set but it does not fit your baby then there is no use of getting a diaper for overnight purpose. This diaper by the HONEST brand is amazing in terms of fitting. It fits accurately with the body of your baby.

The utmost comfort is ensured by this diaper as the materials that are used are of high-grade. The sustainable material that is used in the construction makes it able to absorb all the liquid throughout the night. The materials used here are also hypoallergenic. And so, you do not need to think if your baby is safe or not with this diaper.

It includes a moisture barrier cuffs and so, this diaper is perfect for your kid. It includes fluff pulp so that your baby stays safe all the time. It has a super absorbent core and that can suck any liquid and make your baby feel fresh and dry.


  • Sustainable and hypoallergenic materials
  • Advanced leak protection
  • Perfect fit
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Ultra-thin technology
  • Moisture barrier cuffs
  • Amazing absorbent core
  • No chemical used


  • Expensive
  • Smells bad

3. GoodNites Bedtime Bedwetting underwear

GoodNites Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear

This is the perfect bedtime overnight diaper for your baby is you want the ideal diaper for your baby. It can keep your baby secure for the whole night. You can make your baby wear this and sleep in peace. When you will wake up, you will see that your baby is completely dry and safe!

This product is loved by the users so much that this brand has more than 10 million customers. These customers are the mothers and you can highly rely on the mothers because they want the best for their children.

There is leading training pant but you will get more protection than them. Yes, you will be able to get 40% more security than regular diapers. This is basically designed for protecting your baby for the whole night. You can use this diaper for the night and you can also try this out in the long journeys. For traveling purposes, these diapers are great.

These bedwetting pants have an amazing fit when it comes to fit your baby’s body. It can hold the body of your baby perfectly and you do not need to think about loose fit. Moreover, if pants are excessively tight, your baby will feel uncomfortable the whole night. We all know that you do not want that and so, we recommend you try these pants so that you can see your baby secured when he gets up from bed.

There are so many diapers that have an amazing quality of absorbing the liquid and keep your baby dry. But what happens if you or your baby wakes up smelling a bad odor? No one wants to face this. But yes, in most cases, diapers emit bad odor. However, this is not the case with this diaper. Thanks to the odor absorbing technology of this diaper.

These diapers are great for the perfect fit and we have already said that. According to the size of your baby’s body, you can get this diaper. There are different sized Goodnites diapers available in the market.

You can get these diapers in Extra Small size, Small size, Medium size, large size, and Extra Large size. And so, no matter what is the size of your baby, this diaper will never give an uncomfortable fit ever!


  • 10 million users
  • 40% more protection than regular diapers
  • Keeps your child dry whole night
  • Absorbs odor with amazing technology
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Sizes depend on the shape and weight of your baby
  • Provides perfect fit


  • Complicated design
  • Less variety of designs

4. Select Kids Sposie Booster Pads Diaper

Sposie Booster Pads Diaper

If you want to go for a diaper for the whole baby-life of your child, you can completely rely on this diaper. This diaper is all you need for your baby to survive the nights. If you are worried about diaper leaks, you should try this one. There is no way that this diaper will leak liquid from it.

Whenever your baby makes the diaper wet, it quickly absorbs everything so that your baby feels dry and fresh. It is fast in terms of absorbing and so, there is no liquid left to get leaked!

If you suddenly wake up and see that your baby is crying or he is awake, it will annoy you because your little child cannot sleep. If this happens, you will easily know that the wet diaper is keeping him awake. But as this diaper locks the liquid perfectly, you will never see that your baby is having a bad sleep. If you are worried that your baby is going through bad sleeping habits, the use of this diaper will reduce that too!

This product is completely safe for your child and we have mentioned the product here because it keeps your baby protected too. If you are tensed about the hypoallergenic fact then you should know that this product is completely free from that.

It is dermatologist tested and so, you can have faith in this. Your child may be wearing a diaper the whole night. But what do you think about rashes? There are no issues regarding rashes if you are paring up with this overnight diaper. This diaper is incredibly comfortable and does not cause rashes to your baby’s skin.

Parents are usually worried about the fits of the diapers. This diaper will surely fit your baby because it has a universal fit. No matter what is the size of the body of your baby is, it will fit and your baby will be so comfortable that he will not feel that he is wearing something. This is also great for journeys.


  • No diaper leaks
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Does not promote rashes
  • Makes the baby sleep properly
  • Hypoallergenic-free
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Has universal size
  • Great for nights and journeys


  • Slides around a little
  • Emits bad odor sometimes

5. Huggies OverNites Diapers

HUGGIES OverNites Diapers

Everything you want from a diaper is here! Yes, you will get everything you want for the protection of your baby if you are using Huggies OverNite Diapers. Huggies is one of the most renowned brands for diapers. If you ever had babies, you surely know the name of the brand HUGGIES. This brand is loved by the customers as its product is incredibly great. The performance is also amazing!

This diaper by this brand is basically designed for sleep. If you suddenly see that your baby wakes up crying from the bed, you will never like this. It will ruin his sleep and will also ruin your sleep.  To get good sleep, you must gift your baby Huggies Diaper. Huggies overnight diapers are just as good as the Luvs overnight diapers.

The name is amazing. The brand says that the brand is named as Huggies because the diaper hugs your baby just like you and never makes him uncomfortable. It includes a double leak guard so that there is no leakage at all! Your babies can have 12 hours of protection with this diaper. In the journeys, these diapers will help you a lot.

It has double-grip strips for protection and Snug-Fit waistband. It is available in 3 different sizes to comfort your little child.


  • Great for sleep
  • Double leak guard
  • 12 hours of protection
  • 3 different sizes for a perfect fit
  • Double-grip strips
  • Absorbs perfectly
  • SnugFit waistband


  • Changes time when gets wet (looks awkward)
  • Only 3 sizes available

Buyer’s Guide for Overnight Diapers

overnight diaper reviews

When it is about your baby, you cannot try everything and then decide which one is the best. In this case, we have made everything easy for your research. You can now easily select anyone from the 5 best overnight diapers we have recommended and made your baby feel comfortable.

But to choose one of these five best products, you have to be a little knowledgeable. So, we are going to tell you how you should choose the best overnight diaper form the crowd. Have a look!


Yes, the material should be the first concern when you are up to buying a diaper for your baby. If the construction material is not good and high-grade, your baby will never feel comfortable. Moreover, when you use a diaper for overnight, you have to ensure that it does not leak. If it leaks, the reason behind choosing diaper will be of no use.

On the other hand, some of the diapers include harsh material along with chemicals. These can hurt the sensitive skin of your baby. Sometimes, fragrance or lotion in a diaper can also have side effects on your baby’s skin. Avoid Chlorine, dyes, and fragrance if your baby has sensitive skin.


If the diaper does not fit your baby, no matter how much leak-proof product it is, the liquid will flow easily! There are so many brands in the market that produces amazing quality products that are leak-proof. But if the product is not of the right size of your baby, the liquid may leak anytime.

As you are using the diaper for a longer period of time, you have to make sure that the diaper fits your baby perfectly. There are brands that have a range of sizes so that it can match with your baby. The size of the diaper also depends on the weight of your baby. You can also select the universal size if your baby is too much large. Go for the one that fits accurately.


The leak protection factor is very important if you want to invest in any overnight diaper. If you compare the regular diapers with the overnight diapers then you will find so many differences in terms of absorbency. The regular diapers usually include two layers of protection in the core to absorb the liquid. On the other hand, an ideal overnight diaper will include at least three to four layers to protect the liquid.

Benefits of Overnight Diapers

There are people who think that overnight diapers are not needed and regular diapers can replace overnight diapers. If you are one of them, you are wrong. There are so many differences between overnight diapers and regular diapers. If you think this way, you must read this!

Leak Protection

When it comes to protecting the leakage protection, you cannot expect the same thing from the regular diapers. Yes, overnight diapers are specially designed for not leaking any liquid. If your baby is sleeping or you are going to travel somewhere, your baby needs long time protection.

Here, you cannot deny the perfection of overnight diapers. These will not leak liquid. There are diapers that also product 12-hours of not leaking protection. So, for a long time use, you can get overnight diapers.


Comfort is what your baby deserves first. If you are settling for the regular diapers, they will absorb less liquid. As a result, the liquid will leak and it will make your baby feel wet.

If your baby feels wet throughout the night or throughout the journey, your baby will surely be in an uncomfortable situation. He will not be able to sleep. In this case, to comfort him, you need overnight diapers.


The first thing that comes in our mind when we talk about overnight diapers is the absorbency. Yes, regular diapers cannot absorb the liquid as perfectly as the overnight diapers do. Overnight diapers include more than 3 layers in the core to absorb the liquid throughout the night.

It makes your baby feel dry and comfortable too. It will make your baby feel that he is wearing nothing! To your baby and the bed clean, you should get overnight diapers.

FAQ’s on Overnight Diapers

Is the gel inside diapers toxic?

The gel that you see inside the diapers is not toxic at all. It will not harm your baby.

Basically, some overnight diapers use the formula of changing the liquid into gel so that the liquid stays stuck inside the diaper and does not move. You should put the baby on changing pads. So, the gel is not harmful at all!

Are overnight diapers more absorbent?

Yes, overnight diapers are designed to absorb more liquid than the regular one.

Where the regular diapers include more or less 2 layers of protection in the core of the diaper, the overnight diapers are great as they include more or less 4 layers of protection to absorb the liquid and keep your baby safe.

How long do overnight diapers last?

The longevity of the overnight diapers completely depends on the brand and the construction. The materials of the diaper play an important role here. The longevity also varies from one diaper to another.

In most cases, the diapers last more or less 12 hours. In this period of time, there will be no leakage of liquid and the layers will absorb all the liquid carefully. If you use it more than this period of time, you may face bad odor and leakage.

Parcel Up

So, you can never select the wrong product for your baby. The comfort and health of your baby depend on you. And so, it is your responsibility to afford your baby the best diaper that can make him feel comfortable and let him sleep at night properly.

Go for any of the diapers we have recommended you. These will never disappoint you. Nothing is more precious than a peacefully sleeping baby, we know!

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