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Best Toys For 7 Year Old Boys in 2022 | Top Picks & Reviews

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To spend some money on amazing gifts for your 7 year old boys is easy. But is it easy to find out the right toy for him? There are hundreds of toys in the market. Which one will you choose? Do you know which toy he will like the most?

If the toy you get is not right for him? What if the toy he likes is not something that you want? The answer to all your complicated questions is here!

Yes, we have done incredible homework on the best toys for 7 year old boys so that it gets easy to go for you. All you need to do is go through the 10 best toys for boys and pick up anyone you think is right for your kid! That’s all!


Top 10 Toys for 7 Year Old Boys

1. Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

best toys for 7 years old boys

If your child is interested in space games or he loves sky or planes, he must get this one. This Stunt Plane kit is just the best thing you can get in your budget! All you need to d is run, jump and stomp! That’s all, the toy will start! We are sure that your baby is never going to get bored with launching this toy every!

This place kit basically includes 3 separate planes. And these are- the Looper along with the Glider and the Wildcat. These are specially designed to afford your kid amazing feeling. These are made by aeronautical engineers and so, these are able to perform any sort of stunt!

The work of the first place is to do giant loops. The second one is able to soar up to 100 ft. And the last place is capable of doing all sorts of crazy tricks! All you need to do is adjust the angle of the flight. For this, you will get the adjustable launch stand with the kit. After that, you have to fly the plane into the wind. And lastly, you need to have fun!

These are not for the children below 5 years old. And your 7-year-old boy can have fun getting this toy!


  • Comes with 3 places
  • Engineered by aeronautical engineers
  • Added adjustable launch stand
  • Comes with looper giant loops
  • Glider for soaring up
  • Wildcat for tricks


  • Wings might break
  • Rocket launcher base does not stay in place

2. LEGO Technic WHACK 42072 Building Kit

42072 Building Kit with Pull Back Toy Stunt Car

If your kid loves speed, this is the best deal for them. Yes, if your loves playing with cars or SUVs, he is going to love this LEGO Building Kit. This is basically a crash car and if he likes to go for the stunt car races, this is something that you should gift him.

Along with them, this STEM toy will help your kid build his toy car by himself. This kit comes with a pull-back motor. The motor is very much powerful too. The front bumper of the motor is sturdy and made of high-quality. If you are in search of the top racecars, get this one for your kid.

The rear spoiler of the car is large and the black rims are wide to hold the car properly. The tires are low profile and the toy engine is made of high-grade material. All you need to do is add this car with the LEGO technic BASH to enjoy the games more.

If the car crashes, the engine of the car will pop out. And so, you will have fun seeing this too! The best part is your kid can build the race by himself. After you complete a race ad your car crashes, all you need to do is reset it and have fun again.


  • LEGO building car
  • Works with pull-backs
  • High-grade engine
  • Wide black rims
  • Large rear spoiler
  • Low profile tires
  • Engine pops out


  • Wheels might fall off sometime
  • The pull-off is not so smooth always

3. ACECHUM Kid and Boy Toys Flying Ball

ACECHUM Hand-Controlled Flying Ball

If your kid wants some real GEM, get him this one! This is basically a flying ball. This will fly if you throw it just like the spaceships. Yes, the structure of this baby is shaped according to the spaceships. The technology that is used in this flying ball is LED infrared sensor hover technology. Along with this, you get inductive suspension with this flying ball.

You might worry about the collision but let us tell you, collision protection is ensured by the manufacturer of this flying ball. There is a built-in gyroscope inside the flying ball. This is basically placed for controlling the accuracy along with the sensitivity. And so, the flying ball is always balanced!

To start with this ball, you have to throw this ball on the air. Immediately, it will start to fly. And all you can do is ENJOY! The best part is, to control this ball; all you need to do is a wave! It will fly in the opposite direction if you keep your hands close! Yes, it understands your directions like this! Move your hands to control this and take it anywhere!

It has a 360 degrees rotating facility. It also has four power motor with this. You get a high hovering when the flight flies. The LED balls that are attached are rechargeable too.


  • Throw and have fun
  • Protection form collision
  • LED infrared sensor hover technology
  • Inductive suspension
  • Balance with the hands
  • LED rechargeable lights
  • 360 degrees rotating facility


  • Replacing battery is tough
  • The battery doesn’t last long

4. IQ Builder Stem Learning Toy


If you are going to buy gifts for 12-year-old boys, you can settle for this one. This is not a mere toy but this is something more!  If you want your child to get a toy that will help him in the future, you can get this IQ Builder Stem Toy. The name of this toy already says that this is a learning toy and the work of this toy is similar.

These education toys will change the future of your kid. The amazing part is this toy includes Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Science together. If you are searching for something that helps you flex the mental muscles, this is the best thing you can go for.

This kit includes three instructional EBOOKS. These books are basically for beginners, intermediate and seasoned kids. Your kid can start with simple and small patterns. And gradually, you kid will improve by learning and knowing the complex models and structures.

There are balls and every ball has connecting points. There are so many connectors of so many lengths. And so, great flexibility is ensured in the designs too! These are easy to clean and also safe!


  • Great for little too grown-up kids
  • Comes with three eBooks
  • Flexes the mental muscles
  • Easy to clean
  • Storing is easy with the container
  • Safe for children


  • No instructions for how to play
  • Small carrying case

5. USA Toys Compatible Nerf Targets Shooting Gun

USA Toyz Compatible Nerf Targets for Shooting

No matter you have got a little kid or a bigger one, he will love this toy kit. After all, all men love shooting and guns! This kit basically comes with 12 blue darts and 10 target Orbs. Along with this, there is AstroShot Zero-G Module. If you buy the whole kit, you are going to get a dart blaster along with a dart holder too!

Your kid can be a PRO spinner with this kit! This is basically an indoor Nerf target game and you can easily practice targeting the floating accessories here. All you have to do is the aim and go for it! The dart holder is easy to use and accessible too. You will be able to add 12 foam Nerf-ammo darts whenever you want.

The sound effects that you are going to listen to are realistic and will give your kit a WAR VIBE! Your kid is also able to flip the switch if he wants to start the galactic music! So, blasting and having fun you’re a dart gun is not so tough with this kit! Get this and entertain your kid!


  • Comes with AstroShot Zero-G Module
  • 12 blue darts with 10 target orbs
  • Dart holder and blaster added
  • Foam Nerf ammo darts
  • Incredible sound effects
  • Galactic music available


  • Does not come with a battery
  • A little loud

6. Scientific Explorer Science Kit

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

We know that buying gifts for 13 years old boys is tough. But if your kid is in love with science and you want them to get knowledgeable in the future, you can gift him this kit! This kit is amazing for the boys that love knowing new things.

If you see your kid behaving like a scientist, get him off these kits. This is basically a kit of 20 pieces. With this, he will be able to explore more and will be able to learn the basics of science. He is going to know about ht chemical reactions and use of the tools too!

The chemicals of this kit include red cabbage powder and baking soda. It also includes citric acid and copolymer, Vegetable oil, corn starch, and crosslinked polyacrylate copolymer is also added. You will also get 3 different colored tablets here.

Along with all of these, this kit includes 2 measuring scoops, 2 plastic cups, pipette, 2 sticks, 2 cotton swabs, 3 test tubes, and an instruction guide. He can mix up and make things. And by doing practical work, he will know science!


  • Great for kids that are attracted to science
  • Contains 20 pieces of products
  • Comes with several chemicals
  • Includes three different types of tablets
  • Comes with measuring cup and plastic cups
  • Sticks, cotton, and test tubes are added
  • The instruction booklet is included


  • A little complicated methods
  • Tough to understand instructions

7. Betheaces Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball

Betheaces Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set 2 Goals Gift Football

If you want to make sure that your kid is having a safe game yet he is having fun, you can try this. If you have ever tried soccer toys then we should tell you that this game is more interesting than that. Your kid will be happy with this too because this is played exactly like the real soccer game. He will be able to play with you or his friends.

The balls that you get from this set are made of materials that are toxic-free. Also, there is a quality foam bumper added t the balls. As a result, it can bounce easily and also protects the ball from the walls.

These are hover soccer that has LED which is durable. Also, this is great for the walls, wood or low-pile carpets. Along with this, this comes with 4 batteries that are easy to get. The size of the balls is modest and the colored lights make it favorite of your children.


  • Safe soccer game
  • Protection from walls
  • Toxicity free materials
  • Durable LED with colored lights
  • Great for playing with a group
  • Modestly sized balls
  • 4 batteries required


  • Low-quality nets
  • Small nets

8. Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

There are kids that love colors. And to make them have fun with their colors, you can gift them this. This comes with one graphite pencil. There are added 12 colored pencils along with 10 tracing sheets. Along with this, you are going to get 10 blank sheets to work with. This kit works with AA batteries. These batteries are sold separately.

Your kid can go for 100 traceable images with this kit. Also, it will improve the inner artist of your kid. He can draw whatever he likes and it will help him express his imaginations too. The lit surface is very even. And also, this helps the tracing lines more visible. If your child uses this in the low lights, even then, this will help you kid draw things effortlessly.


  • Comes with graphite pencils
  • 12 colored pencils added
  • 10 tracing sheets added
  • Works with AA batteries
  • Lights help to draw even in low lights
  • Great for 100 traceable images


  • Batteries are not added

9. Shifu Orboot Augmented Reality Glove

Augmented Reality Interactive Globe for Kids

If you are here to search for toys for 12-year-old boys, this can be the best choice out there. This Augmented Reality Globe is going to help your kid out for everything you wanted. Yes, this app is great for using your smartphone.

This is compatible with the iPad. Along with this, you can make this work for the Android 3GB RAM or above.

With this glove along with the app, your child can experience an augmented reality-based journey. This game is fun and interactive. But most importantly, this game is very educational. With this box, you get a 10 inches globe.

With the passport and stamps, you will get flag stickers. To help you out, you will get a helping guide too! Your kid will be able to see cultures, animals, maps, weather, monuments, etc. of various countries,


  • Works with iOS and Android
  • Takes your kid to a tour to augmented reality
  • Education
  • Fun and interactive
  • Comes with flag stickers, stamps, and passports
  • Easy to know the culture and monuments
  • Easy to know about animals, maps, and weather


  • Takes time to focus
  • Some countries are missing
  • Toys for 12-year-old boys

10. Razor A2 Kick Scooter

Razor A2 Kick Scooter

If your child is older than 5 year, you can get this kit for your baby. This Razor Scooter is amazing if your child loves real games. This is a kick scooter. The best part about this scooter is, this is made of high-grade aluminum. And so, you cannot complain about the quality of this product. Also, the sturdy nature of the toy makes it long-lasting.

The t-tube is patented. Along with this, the deck design is great. Transportation is easy with the amazing deck of this scooter. The wheels are made in an inline-style. Along with this, the system is basically made in a spring-less shock design. The rear fender brake works amazingly. This alps includes a warranty of 6 months.


  • Great for children over 5 years
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Made with aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Comes with patented t-tube
  • Includes Inline-style wheels
  • Amazing fender brake


  • The handle might come loose
  • Has issuers regarding the from wheel

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Toy For Boys

best toys for Kids

Look, you cannot buy everything for your kid. No matter how grown-up your kid is he is still a kid. So, before you get some toys for him, you have to do a little research.

There are hundreds of toys in the market; however, you might not love everything. There are also toys that you will like but your kid will not love it.

So before settling down to buy one toy for your kid, relax and consider some specifics.

Know your Kid

best toys for baby

While getting something for your kid, know your kid. If you are free with your kid, you can ask him what he wants for his birthday. When getting a gift for your kid, you should always ask him about his preferences. No matter what, you are buying the toy for him.

There might be situations where your kid likes a toy that is not right for him. In this case, ask him to give you options for buying him toys. He will select 4-5 toys altogether and you will buy one form them. On the other hand, if you cannot talk with your kid about the toy or if it is a surprise, you can have an eye o your kid’s behavior. Try to find out what he loves and give him gifts according to him likeliness.

Purpose of Getting Toys

Before you settle for a toy for your kid, make sure that you know the proper reason for buying the toy. When you buy a toy, the toy can be merely a toy for playing or there can be the educational purpose of the toy too!

If you think that your kid is a little dull, you can get toys that require him to work with his brains. This will help his brain cells work more. This will make your kid smart.

On the other hand, there are also toys that are highly educational. Science or mathematics-related toys are great for your kids if he has an interest in science or knowledge.

Conversely, if your kid is too little to understand educational toys, get him something that he can only play for his entertainment’s sake!

Number of Players

There are toys that are great for one person and then there are toys that are perfect for more than one person. Make sure about the number of players before you get a toy for your kid.

In some cases, there are toys that your kid can only play. If your kid loves to play alone, gift him something that can be played by one person. However, if your kid likes to enjoy with his friend, you can buy him toys that can be played with several people.

FAQs on Best Toys for Boys

What do you get for a 7-year-old boy?

For a 7-year-old boy, you can get cars and planes. If you want your child to learn something and do creative things, you can give him a scientific box.

Along with this, if you want him to know about the augmented reality then you can also buy him globes and apps like this! Have a look at his behavior and watch what he likes.

What are popular toys for boys?

Lego along with car toys are very popular for the boys. In most cases, boys love shooting games too. There are boys that love to play with balls and so, if you have a child like this, you can get your boys some amazing balls.

Lights amazed the kids and so, get something that has colorful lights. Also, there are boys that love to play with real colors. Go for the colors and tracing pads for him. It depends on your kid what he likes.

What will be the top toys for Christmas 2019?

For Christmas, you can go for any toy we have mentioned above. Our suggested toys include the regular racing cars along with the LEGO. Also, the planes are included in our list.

If you have a smart child then you can go for the Augmented Reality globes. You can settle for colors ad tracing pads to help your child draw his images. The shooting toys are also fun as they can play it with his friends.

Wrap Up

So, now that you already know about the best gifts and toys for the 7-year-old boy, you do not need to worry anymore. If you want to gift him for the Christmas or for his birthday, go for anyone of the above,

Just have an eye on your kid for some time and you will understand what he loves. And after knowing his choice and requirements, you will be able to pick up anyone from the above! Go for it and surprise your child with the best gift!

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